Valentina Caldera

Valentina Caldera
Right Hand Captain to King Flare
Rival of Princess Emberella

Valentina is a gifted and talented warrior who fought her way to the very top of the command structure. She grew up lacking compassion since her position as a woman was always questioned. She trained with her twin brother Demetri Caldera who is the Left Hand Captain to King Flare. When one went down, they both went down, ultimately picking each other up and never letting each other down. She can cast fire on her blades and focus directing bolts from the tip of her swords.
Valentina’s Rivalry with Emberella began the moment she became captain always competing for the spotlight. Valentina is the reason Emberella was locked up in a tower far in the enchanted living forest of sector 4. Emberella had escaped her quarters to assist the people in the Firestone Kingdom and was caught by Valentina. While the Civil Discord was getting ready for an all-out revolution, capturing the princess only martyred her. Instead of Gaining the fame and admiration that Emberella had, Valentina gained infamy and withdrew from the public only to hate them, drawing the line when the war began.

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