Mumbai Season 2

By the year 2075, the only signs of life in Mumbai are rusted androids emulating human activity. These machines, once the pride of Mumbai’s technological prowess, now stand as soulless reminders of a world that has long since passed. They wander aimlessly through the ruined city, re-enacting the lives of their former masters.
Some androids can be seen swimming in the pools of abandoned luxury hotels, their metal frames glinting in the sunlight. Others have taken to exploring the museums and galleries of the city, staring at pictures of their kind that were once hailed as technological marvels.
And in the remnants of a once-grand park, androids can be seen gathered around a chessboard, their processors whirring as they compete in a game that once signified human mastership.
As the years go by, the androids slowly decay, their metal shells becoming brittle and fragile. They are no longer the powerful machines they once were, but instead they are symbols of a failed experiment.
But even in their decay, the androids continue to roam the empty streets of Mumbai, their existence a haunting reminder of a world that has been lost to time.
BY Tim Ra!

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