More character posters a game card! I love this and I hope you all like it as well.

More character posters! I love this and I hope you all like it as well.

I still have many more of these. To avoid creating too many threads I’ll add a few more in the comment section, so check back later for more.
And now the prompt!

a game card of spider-man with decorated borders and icons, sunglasses, in the style of capcom, hard-edged painter, cut/ripped, vibrant colors, reduced palette, monochromatic intensity, very beautiful, fantasy magic, detailed, can’t believe how beautiful this is, intricate, trending on artstation, 8k, masterpiece, highly detailed, digital painting, octane, ultra high detail, concept art, masterpice –ar 5:7 –niji 5
just replace “spider-man” with a character of your choice. Or/and replace style of capcom with a style of your choice.

You can also delete the suffix –niji 5 and get a different look for your poster. Some characters look even better when not in niji mode.

If you can’t make the prompt work post in the comment section what’s wrong and I’ll try to help.

Keep in mind that some characters aren’t working with this prompt. I don’t know why. And there are also many others that midjourney doesn’t know well.

I couldn’t get some very popular characters right such as the Tazmanian devil, tom & jerry, popeye, charlie brown and many superheroes sadly. So be ready for this possibility.

Now have fun with this prompt and show us your amazing work as well!

Thank you all for the kind comments on yesterday’s post!

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